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grace unbound

Malachi chapter 2:1 – 9 is a continuation of the indictment on the priests of Malachi’s time by God for failing to honour His name warning them of impending judgement lest a change of heart takes place. (Read Malachi 2:1 – 9 for context)

It is clear that God’s issue and concern here was with the honour of His name among those who served Him, those at the forefront of ministry in His household. As such the priests are singled out by God for the fiercest and sharpest criticism of all.

God called them out for the sheer disregard they demonstrated for the honour of His name in that they did not fear or stand in awe of Him as did Levi (their ancestor) with whom God had made the original covenant. God was respected and feared by their forefather; but not by them – the priests of Malachi’s time…

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