Attend to your faith!

Far too many of us have a cavalier approach and attitude toward our faith and its role in our lives.

We must awaken to the role and importance faith has in our relationship and dealings with God, in accomplishing His purpose for our lives. We must understand how critical and crucial faith is and our responsibility to nurture and grow it because of its pivotal role in our relationship and dealings with God. The wellbeing and success of your relationship with God and the accomplishment of His purposes in your life is reliant on the strength of your faith; your ability to walk right with God and receive from Him what He has for you is wholly reliant on your faith.

Your faith will determine how much you receive from God and how far you will go with Him in His purposes for your life. 

Your faith is critical. It cannot be exchanged or substituted for anything else – it is irreplaceable. You lose your faith, you loose everything else. Yet despite it being so glaringly obvious we routinely fail to nurture and feed our faith and stand guilty as charged of being serial starvers of our own faith. We are all too often casual and negligent about it failing to realise its worth in our lives. We routinely neglect to feed and nurture it both in our personal lives and in communion with others too often citing plausible and seemingly “legitimate” reasons for not doing so. 

Faith is, quite literally, do or die. After the word of the Lord came to the King and people of Judah through the prophet Isaiah in the face of the impending attack by Syrian and Ephraimite forces declaring that it would not succeed, he proceeded to warn the king at the end saying, “…If you do not stand firm in your faith, you will not stand at all.”’ (Isaiah 7:9). That’s it – either you believe and stand or you don’t and fall. 

Be intentional and determined about feeding your faith.  Attend to it seriously and regularly – not casually and haphazardly. 

Do not have a cavalier attitude or approach toward it – it is your lifeline to God and all He has for you both in this life, and in the one to come.

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