Transformative knowledge

We live in the so called information age where the pursuit of knowledge has become paramount and its possession essential for forging ahead of the competition. Knowledge is essentially transformative. Particular knowledge is transformative in particular areas of life but with knock on effects in other areas of life.

Yesterday, we saw from 2 Peter 1:3 that everything that pertains to life (as intended by its Creator) and godliness is in fact accessed through the channel of the knowledge of God. That which relates to life and godliness is accessed and acquired by my knowledge of the person of God who calls me.
His divine power has given us everything required for life and godliness through the knowledge of Him who called us by His own glory and goodness.

IT follows then that we cannot be causal in our approach or attitude towards this all important pursuit of the knowledge of God in our lives. We would not condone or approve of such casualness of approach in ours (or in the lives of others) towards the academic pursuit of knowledge. We are strict, disciplined (in some measure) and order our priorities so that the pursuit of knowledge in our chosen field of education is not compromised. Because we value it and understand and appreciate its importance in our future success. We know its importance for success in our future careers and lives. That (and our enjoyment/interest of the subject we’re acquiring knowledge in) is the principal incentive that drives and disciplines us in the pursuit of our goal – transformative knowledge, knowledge that has the power to positively affect our lives and of those around us – through the job satisfaction and compensation we receive and the benefit community and environment gets through the constructive and collaborative contribution we make with the knowledge acquired.

On the other hand, knowledge of God not only has far far and incomparably greater impact on our lives in general but the knowledge of God has the capacity to maximise the potential and impact of the knowledge we acquirr in all other fields.(2 Pet 1:3)

It is through our personal Knowledge of God that we have been granted all things that pertain to life and godliness by His divine power. We have been granted all things relating to life and godliness (nothing is excepted, nothing is omitted here) via the channel of our knowledge of the Holy One, of the person who called us. Granted, it is His divine power that grants us all this but it is only available through our knowledge of Him as a person, demanding our diligent and unrelenting pursuit of this knowledge.

Knowledge of God therefore, represents the major substrate and catalyst that react together to maximise our potential and multiple the very usefulness of every other knowledge we possess. For this reason we cannot afford to relegate the pursuit of such important knowledge to the bottom of our priorities list under the guise (or deception rather) that we can catch up with it later in life.

Let us determine to press on then in our pursuit of the knowledge of God with renewed diligence and fresh sense of urgency by continuing to seek to know Him in Spirit and in truth.

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2 Responses to Transformative knowledge

  1. selam says:

    I agree with this article, Knowing God is the most amazing gift that has been given to us.

  2. selam says:

    I agree with this article, Knowing God is the most amazing gift that has been given to us. It’s amazing to find out that knowing God and putting him first in our lives leeds us to know other things,,but to put him second or next only leeds us to destruction. God bless.

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