Engaging with God: Introduction

The principle and concept of the term “Engaging with God” in this context is short for Engaging with God through His word, the Bible.

The series is designed to both encourage and assist people (young and mature, new and old Christians) to engage with God themselves directly through the Holy Scriptures by showing the benefits obtained therein. This direct engagement with God through the Scriptures is meant neither to replace nor supplant biblical teaching offered in Churches and different settings where the word of God is taught.

It is  simply an invitation to reap the benefits of the life God has called each one of His children to through a personal, ongoing and ever growing relationship with Him via the medium of His word.

God has revealed Himself through the Scriptures and that is where we are going to find out about and get to know Him for ourselves first hand.

Reading and studying the Scriptures is not an end in itself – it is only a means to an end which is knowing God and engaging with Him throughout our lives. We get to engage with God as we establish and develop a personal discipline of  reading and prayerfully contemplating Scripture.

Engaging with God through His word in this way without any human intermediary offers us the opportunity to know and experience Him for ourselves directly through His word. In the blogs that follow, we will be looking at the opportunities and benefits that the discipline of engaging with God through His word offers us.

So, get moving and engage with God through His word by setting apart quality personal time for prayerful reading, reflection and study of the scriptures.

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